Natural Maternity care,

Mother of 4 children and a proud grandmother, I’m working as a professional maternity care giver for 20 years, and I love my job.

My inspiration for being a kraamverzorgster is to support and protect the natural processes the first week after birth. In my personal and professional life, people and their personal and unique biography are my inspiration; I have experience in natural healing and working with small children. Also I am schooled as a biographical parenting coach. This study has been an enormous enrichment in my work as a kraamverzorgende. My guidance the first post natal week is meeting your needs, in a flexible and personal manner. Together with the new mother, we will make a plan that fits her expectations as much as possible.

I’m for a holistic approach, and I have knowledge of attachment parenting.

If you would like to inform about kraamzorg, please be sure to contact me as early as possible to check for availability.


I would like to help you make this special period with your newborn safe, healthy and enjoyable.


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